Making real estate valuation easy

My Role: I was the sole UX resource on this project and utilized all of my skills. Like many of my consulting projects there was only budget for one UX resource.

Executive Summary: This platform was created for the valuation of properties to make purchasing and selling decisions easier.

Imagine a company wants to purchase a property. Well, there are a lot of professionals involved that will evaluate all elements of the property. For a multi building property a skyscraper could be worth $100 million, a garage worth $50 million, and furniture, fixtures, & equipment worth $15 million. Auditors, accountants, and other real estate experts evaluate everything related to the property including debt, tenets, and more. The sole purpose of all of it is to give both the buyer and seller assurances of the real value of the property so a deal can be made.

This software was created to help them get out of excel (many file versions & lost data) and into a platform that was easier to reconcile (one version and no lost data).

Process: This project involved everything from user research, persona creation, user flows, sketches, wireframes, & visual design. This was the order that I followed.

Challenges: The key difficulty with this project was a demanding client that had to be sold on UX. like many consulting projects it's mostly education and the rest is research and design. The research, as it often is, was limited and we had to do it with proxies as we were not allowed to speak with those that would use the valuation tool. The key stakeholder did buy into summative research eventually and saw the value after a lot of convincing.