Reduction in Redundancy of Applications

My Role: I worked in a leadership role as well as did almost all of the deliverables. Where I had assistance was mostly in the white boarding and sketching phases as the majority of the team were not UX professionals.

Executive Summary: This involved helping a company with complicated enterprise software and over 100 applications due to acquisitions & legacy. Many of these applications have redundant functions & often only one core function. The goal of this project, which was, and still is, spanning years, is to consolidate these into a handful of applications. The goal is to ultimately make it much easier to track healthcare problems related to billing. Often times through negligence, error, or fraud... patients & their insurance/medicare/medicaid were over charged. The updated software was a project undertaken to make this process much more easy and accurate.

Process: This required stakeholder interviews, usability testing, white boarding, sketching, visual design, & prototyping.

Challenges: The biggest challenge was the sheer amount of work and trying to organize it all. We started with picking a crucial application to add into the core application we were building as a sort of test. This application was used for providers to log in and provide details on outstanding cases to be worked. Because of its key importance to the business, done well, it would encourage more teams to get on board with the migrations. We also had a lot of executive exposure and needed good user testing to justify our choices.