Leading Design from Strategy to Execution

Goal For Today

To share a design/research leadership example that shows I'll be an asset, in particular, the design and research of a B2B2C product. Design would be the core focus, yet some research is what I could train designers to do.

Why I am the right candidate: I have a strong understanding of B2B2C at scale, I am a servant leader, I believe mentorship/coaching/kindness are the keys to good leadership, and I have 15 years in the UX space as a consultant, individual contributor, and. I have also served many people.

The Problem: Mature a user experience practice and lead 6 Teams


First Command Strategy





Strategy & Execution

My Most Recent Position: Design & research Leadership (Associate Director, User Experience) with a special focus on training researchers to be designers. I also led 6 initiatives at my previous job. We created tech products for our business partners (financial planners) who then serviced hundreds of thousands of military families. Additionally, I presented to hundreds of our home office staff about the UX efforts we were conducting.

Initiatives I led/encouraged multiple designers/researcher:

  • Field: upgraded financial planning tools (exports to clients)
  • Client: upgraded the banking/investment application
  • Platform: build and maintain Salesforce
  • Workforce: maintain and upgrade
  • Intranet: upgraded the internal website for field and the train
  • Website: update and add content



Design Method Cards

Made with: InDesign, Illustrator, and MakePlayingCards.com 

These were created by me with the help a visual designer to let the team have a unifying set of methods to use, share internally in the design group, and externally to the rest of the org.

Approach: Create, Review, Update, and Print

Design System Strategy


Arming our business partners with the needed info for customers


Strategy: build something that makes Advisor's jobs easier (Write the press release)

Announcing a new way to have clients enter and upload their data to make planning easier! It's all digital, you send a link, and then review with the client!...


  • Sketches
  • Discussions with Stakeholders
  • Usertesting.com
  • Design + development



Experience Hours

I created and presented dozens of these to hundreds of Employees and field staff to get people excited and curious about the experience users had with our company. I shared videos and walked through experiences of the 6 different initiatives: Client, Field, Platform, Workforce, Website, and Intranet

Research Strategy and Testing Protocols Creation